Sunday, April 29, 2007


There is so much anger. So much hate. So much to cleanse. Will it ever go? Things that irritate to the extent of causing a revulsion within, so much so that cannot even be vomitted. Feel sick in the stomach exactly like being on a swaying ship fighting the wind and the waves.

Full of useless content, content which can never win you anything - neither plaudits nor appreciation, neither a heart but maybe a friend. Those innumerable lines of thoughts borne out of a sense of being educated and just not literate only go to compound the problem. Why did Ayn write? Tagore spent an entire seventy years cutting down trees and wasting space in every Bengali household.

The most dangerous and damned discovery of the human race has been the mirror.

The only truth that emerges out of all the labyrinth of shadows is the undisputable crap of racial superiority. Which manifests itself in various forms in various forums. There was a time when only excellence was appreciated and pursued. How I wish I was born then. At least, I could have said that I did not survive that age. There is honour even in being kicked out of excellence. There was a time when men fought on principles and ideas. How exhilarating those might have been. How very proud those men must have been. If only they knew that they were the last lot.

Could extreme cynicism pave the way for perversion?

A liberated mind is the toughest thing to survive with. It is funny how people try to suppress thoughts which are way beyond their capacity by terming them as elitist or intellectual. Will we ever rid ourselves of prejudice? Will we ever know in the first place that we are prejudiced? Knowing is the first step - rectification or assimilation or acceptance is the next. How would we know?

"Be good.Do Good." That is the worst piece of shitty advice that you can give to your children. Rather it should be "Be opportunistic. Be clever."