Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Fabulous Five

India has already won the 2011 World Cup. Here is why:

MS Dhoni

The greatest captain India has ever had. That day he started India's bowling with Irfan Pathan and Sreesanth ! Now, if that is not a mark of ingenuity then what is ? I mean, have you ever even heard, let alone contemplated, of a captain starting the innings with his two premier fast bowlers ?! And wonder of all wonders, he even had 2 slips in the first five overs! So aggressive - after all that is what won him the T20.

Gautam Gambhir

India's next Sachin Tendulkar. He actually hits a delivery which is short and wide and deserves to be spanked on the backfoot and cuts it over point for a four. Mark of unhindered brilliance. Of course, he learnt it in his T20 days when he played "without fear". In case you are wondering how Sunny Gavaskar played his game - he was afraid. Dead scared. Remember, his fear got the better of him and he could only score 36* in 60 overs. Ah, the other 10,000 does not count for much. Only that 36 is sufficient for crucification.

Rohit Sharma

India's next Sachin Tendulkar. Oops ! We cannot be THAT lucky ?! Two Tendulkars in one team. Sorry, 3 including the 'real' Tendulkar. Then, we have 3 best batsmen in our team. And I cannot see the requirement of any other batter in the team at all. Ask Ravi Shastri, he will ask you to play 7 bowlers with them. Ohh, Ian Chappell says that Rohit is a combination of Sachin and Lara. Wow ! Now, I know what 2-in-1 means !

Ishant Sharma

Had it been the British media, by now, he would have been hailed as the next Ian Botham. Funny, why no one has compared him to Kapil Dev, till now. Ohh, could be because he is better than him. See, he is quicker than Kapil and he is able to lift it up(the ball, I mean!) from just short of a length (Ravi Shastri says it). Plus, Ricky Ponting is his bunny. And considering that Ricky is one of the best in business, Ishant has to be better than Kapil. Kapil never had Richards as a bunny, you see.

Yuvaraj Singh

India's best test player. He should be drafted into the team at the cost of Rahul or Sourav or even Sachin. Blasphemy you would say ? Naah. He is such a sweet timer, he is at the form of his life and his FIELDING ! Dear o dear, how can you not have someone in the team if he saves you 15 runs ? Even if that is his collective score in 6 test innings ? We are focussing on the future and youth is the future.

Err, just a question. How old is Manmohan Singh and L.K.Advani? Chuck them, NOW. And make Sachin Pilot the standing-in-PM. Or Rahul Gandhi. Shucks ! Our obsession with Rahul and Sachin is just not limited to cricket!