Friday, January 09, 2009


(This post is in response to questions posed by friends on one of my earlier posts)

Celebrate life. Not events. Events are mere milestones and if you ask any traveller, they would have hardly noticed them. To them not even the destination is important. What counts is only the journey. If you are living life to achieve targets, then you are losing out on the very essence of life - its spontaneity and its vibrancy.

Celebrate love. Not by counting the number of years you stayed together. But by that one glance, she gave you when you nearly lost it, by that one touch you gave her when she had nowhere to look. The greatest and the fondest moments of your life will always be personal and fifty other people can never be a part of it.

Celebrate friendship. Not by counting how many called on your birthday or how many made it to your marriage. But by giving what you have, by being a better person for them, by incorporating their best in yourself. By providing one lasting impression which will see you through.

Celebrate excellence. By being relentless. By never giving up. On yourself. On others. And most importantly, on your capability. You and ONLY you have the power to refine yourself. Being good is great, being better is even better, being excellent is the best.

Celebrate youth. Not by dancing yourself to glory on a disco floor. But by watching your children grow, by being hurt once again when love fails them, by allowing or rather encouraging them to make the same mistakes you have made.

Celebrate silence. Our gestures do not need words. When minds meet, words are consigned to the dustbins of frivolity. Proclaiming love a hundred times does not make it stronger. One gesture could be so powerful that those hundred would fade into oblivion.

The fact that you have stayed together for 30 years, brought up three kids who are millionaires counts for shit. What counts is that you hardly felt it was 30 and if you lost track of time, you would think it has just started.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Words Learnt in 2008

Cynicism: Calling a spade a spade

Reality: Dreams

Illusion: Reality

Beautiful: You to me and me to you

Success: What I have and what you do not. Come to think of it, if all of us were to have everything we wished for, we would hardly survive. That is why envy and aspirations are time tested virtues !

Failure: Being educated without wisdom or being knowledgeable without education

Love: The idea of being controlled but never knowing that you are

Marriage: Expensive

: Horoscope

Sin: Virtues