Monday, March 26, 2007


Spiderman is dead.
As per his wishes, he be left alone in a corner to let him leave in peace.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Excuse for failure.

The day when you get mentally prepared to live some part of your life alone some time in the future.

A state of permanent intoxication.

Hangover of love !

Right to speak useless nothings at ill-opportune times without any basis without feeling burdened or uncomfortable and yet feel a time well-spent.

A forum for Sachin V Rahul (Dev Burmans!), Sachin v Sourav, SRK v AB and 'discussions' on any other topic by semi-knowledgeable people lacking perspectives in life.

Rhythm of life!

The strongest bond cutting across geographies, political inclinations, economic disparity, religious faith, employer and employed and any conceivable barrier created by man.

The greatest networking instrument. There are 'booze-friends' and other friends !

The most thrilling game that could ever be played starting from child welfare programmes to educational institutions to sports to cinema to legislature.

Potent double-edged sword. Reason for all advancement and progression as well as all conflict.

Heroes at first, mortals then, outdated and archaic later who turn out to be 'us' later in life.

Entertainment. Abused, misused but NEVER used.

Omnipresent but intangible, comprehendible but indescribable.

The ultimate test of any algorithm ever written and would be written - with 100% assurance of failure.

Wastage of time, money, resources. All smoke and no fire.

Means to an end. The end being earning tons of money without any plausible effect on enlightenment on any other aspect of life.

Invariably stupid, unnecessarily possessive, no bends, no curves, straight and uncomplicated.

Unbridled, unadulterated joy.

Something which tells us what we will be much more accurately than a tarrot-reader. Something which we have to shed to break new ground. Something which if used appropriately can work wonders. Something which when obfuscated can have severe ramifications. Something which when lost destroys our roots.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


If tomorrow does not arrive, a lot would be left unsaid. About people who cared, and who did not, about people who loved and hated and about people who did nothing yet were there when it mattered the most. This is for you. There are three names that I have withheld. I have no problems in revealing them, but giving due consideration to their marital status thought that disrection would be appreciated.


If there is hope at the end of the road, it would be you. Ours is the only relationship where I have always got much more than I have given. And this is the only time where I have felt elated on being defeated.


Those days of unhindered yet apprehensive freedom, learning our first lessons in life, knowing what being 'hurt' meant, devising ingenious methods to satisfy our sadistic mischievious instincts, to live and die every moment of it - if there is something that I would want in my next life, if there is one, those would be it.


Possibly,if at all, my only regret in life. If at some point of life I had not taken the steps that I did, I would have been deprived of the most beautiful, affectionate relationship I have ever had and will ever have. I am not sure, but I think, THIS is what friendship is all about.


You taught me what my parents could not in 23 years - how to look into the mirror and to accept what you see, to know how I am as a person, what I am capable of, who I am. It is ironical that you never aspired to do that. If there is something called gratitude, and I were to have it for anyone out there for bringing me down to the ashes, for letting me hit the dust, I cannot think of anyone else.


What a revenge ! Hats off to you for giving it back with aplomb, with nonchalance and the same degree of indifference that I once meted out. Remarkable !


Thank you.


Its been worth every penny. Every damn penny, man ! You are testimony to the fact, that there might be something called faith, that justice might just squeak into this world, that it is possible to be sane in insanity and that even if we lose, we somehow win.


How I wish I were as magnanimous as you are. How I wish, I had that bubbling enthusiasm. How I wish, I were as spirited. How I wish, I could love so much. How I wish, I could be such a sweetheart. How I wish, I could create an impact as you do. How I wish, I could be so loved.


You gave me my smile back when I had lost it. I just hope that I was able to give you back some of those when you needed it the most. But, I believe, I failed.