Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dreams and Reality

D:I want to be an engineer. And like my bro and dad, from IIT.

R:I ended up being a surrogate engineer. Civil Engineering is looked upon as a discipline which does not deserve the 'engineering' tag.

D:I want a campus placement in one of the software companies , preferably CTS. At that time, CTS was the highest paid employer in software.

R:I got an offer from Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited and started at a salary of 9700 per month, which was the lowest offered at my University.

D:I want to do a MBA, and from IIM Calcutta.

R:After two consecutive shots at that, on the 3rd attempt I finally made it to SPJIMR, Mumbai. Miracles do happen.

D:I want millions.Now.

R:Leave alone 'now'. I can't even see that in the near future !

Now, in this context, my mother wants me to get married. And I have to select my partner. Recipe for a perfect disaster !