Thursday, February 19, 2009

25 Things You Are Better Off Not Knowing About Me

1. I sulk, a lot.

2. If I were ever to meet someone like myself, I would not even turn and say 'hello'.

3. I think I am smart. Rather, I KNOW I am smart. But I have hardly done anything in my life to prove that.

4. I am surely born at the wrong time in the wrong country. Temperamentally, I was suited to be born in France or maybe in Ireland.

5. I think people who love shopping are weird.

6. For me, whatever I eat HAS TO taste good. No point eating something only because it is good for health.

7. I have an unsubstantiated confidence that I am good at making desserts.

8. There are times when I can be quite...err...mushy?

9. I am a horrible dancer. And an equally bad singer. (I guess we all know this?)

10.I am frantically scared of dogs. Would anyday prefer a tiger to a dog in a battle.

11.I love anything which makes me think. Can't decide whether that makes me boring or an intellectual or a boring intellectual.

12.Cricket was my love. And like all love stories, this one has also gone wrong. I hate it now.

13.SRK was my favourite hero. Now, I think that guy is detrimental to Indian cinema.

14.Sushmita Sen is the only beautiful woman I have seen. Ok - Ingrid Bergman as well.

15.I love politics.

16.Kolkata is the stupidest place on earth. Yet, I cannot be anywhere else.

17.I suffer from commitment phobia.

18.I cannot handle women when they cry. It makes me fall in love with them !

19.I almost always will support an underdog.

20.I have some of the best people as my friends. I think they can walk into any hall of fame anyday. I am hopelessly proud of them and on most days, when I think, I cannot understand why they chose me as one.

21.I have been accused of everything except dishonesty. That is something I cannot tolerate.

22.I LOVE kids. If I could support it financially, I would not stop reproducing. Yeah, I know, you will say, 'start first' !

23.I love my country more than anything else. Really.

24.Nowadays, only two things make me cry - the last scene of Cinderella Man. I just cannot hold back the tears. Its ridiculous ! And the memories of my school - particularly the staircase at the back.

25.Barring 3 exceptions, I have always kept my word. And on those occasions I have not - I still feel guilty. For me, a word given is a word kept.
(This is a repeat post - the credit for this post goes to Paromita, who wanted me to write and post this in stupid Facebook)